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Formal 和 informal flexible working arrangements for our employees.

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When the Covid-19 p和emic hit, LaSalle was – like most companies around the world – struck with a sudden 和 dramatic change to our working arrangements. Throughout 2020 和 2021, our teams demonstrated great resilience, quickly adapting to remote or hybrid work schedules, often balancing unexpected personal challenges at the same time. 出乎意料地, we got to know one another on a new level, virtually coming into each other’s homes, often with introductions to partners, 儿童与宠物.

We learned two valuable lessons; the first was that the office environment cannot be replicated virtually. There are moments of productivity, 创造力, idea generation 和 engagement that only happen in person. The second was how much increased flexibility has meant to our colleagues in balancing their working lives with personal commitments.

Our 关怀文化 encourages employees to have open, honest conversations with managers about what they need to succeed personally 和 professionally. From our point of view, when working arrangements lead to increased job satisfaction 和 a better sense of wellbeing for our people, it’s a win-win situation.

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The best way to underst和 what life at LaSalle is really like is to get the stories straight from our people. These stories give a direct insight into working at LaSalle around the world, from the career paths that have been taken to how our teams have supported local initiatives to build stronger communities.

Wellbeing at LaSalle

We underst和 that wellbeing is a multi-dimensional concept encompassing physical, 情感, environmental 和 occupational aspects, 等. LaSalle is committed to addressing employee wellbeing from a holistic perspective, building skills 和 providing opportunities that extend beyond the office.

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We are always on the lookout for people who offer a unique perspective, embrace collaboration 和 champion thoughtful decision-making at every level. If this sounds like you, take a look at our job openings.